VERY IMPORTANT: please make sure you read this terms before you use our services in our website. the use of services provided by ”Socialgro “ establishes agreement to these terms. By registering or using our services you agree that you have read and fully understood the following terms of service and Socialgro will not be help liable for loss in any way for users who have not read the below Terms of Service.

.These terms of use are formulated in the masculine for convenience only, but they refer to, men and women both.

By acquiring services on our site, indicative the acceptance of this agreement in this terms.

When a order is running ( still not Completed ) in Socialgro for same link you can’t order for this similar service to our website again or you can’t order it somewhere else or you can’t continue promote this link in your way If face problem for this not possible any refund.

Access to and use of the services of Socialgro, you agree to all terms and
conditions set forth in this terms of use agreement.

The uses on the site and the services it offers to be over 18 years old or corporation and / or an authorized dealer lawfully registered, the user must have a credit card and a MasterCard or Visa is valid or an account with PayPal, issued by one of the
credit card, the user must have an email on the Internet.

The use of the website, content and services it offers are offered for use in
accordance with the decision of the Socialgro, and shall have no claim or demand against Social Israel in respect of the content and services offered on the website, use, therefore, content and services above will be performed and exclusively your responsibility the full and does not do including any commercial use without the .express written .permission of Socialgro

Customers who use our site agree to follow any amendments and subject to the terms of use and consent the curre
.version 2016 date of agreement use is detailed below

.A) The content of the site and on-site services saved to – Socialgro

a. Socialgro may close the site and change, from time to time, the structure, appearance and availability of services and content provided in it, without having to notify you in advance and you shall have no claim or demand against Socialgro in this regard

b. Socialgro is not responsible for any restriction, obstruction warning alarm or
damage of any kind imposed on the client or any other person on the other party or
its customers due to the acquisition of social media services on our website.

Also, Socialgro is not responsible for removal or removal of a search results page
.in search engines or any other type of damage caused by our service

Socialgro undertakes no obligation to refund the side B (client) when one of the services that includes third party (likes, followers, views, ratings, join the group, joined the event, friend requests, dislikes, shares) decided that it lower/ deletes /do not want to see your .advertising

B) Socialgro does not guarantee that the services offered on the site will not be disrupted without malfunction and / or immune to illegal access Socialgro, damages, malfunctions, failures in hardware, software or communications lines, Socialgro or any of its suppliers and Socialgro will not be liable for any direct or indirect or grief and so that you or your property due to the use and / or reliance on the content and services .offered on the site

a. You are aware that the services offered on the site depend on and are subject to the policy, as well as the acts and omissions of third parties, including global Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, SoundCloud
Therefore, Socialgro will not be held responsibility for any consequence and / or damage and / or loss caused to you and / or anyone on your behalf as a result of action or inaction of such third parties and does not guarantee that the service .purchased would achieve the same request to receive.

b. Socialgro undertakes no obligation to return the payment or make a canceling a transaction or make a refund to the customer if the customer service was only partly to circumstances beyond the responsibility or control of Socialgro and preventing the possibility for complete service, such as changing policies, products, services, and .restrictions on certain social media different

c. When a customer places an order and payment to one of the services on our site that Socialgro declares that he is interested in acquired and knowing that the purchase committed is final and can not be canceled or returned after purchase, even if the .customer elected not to use the service and promotion carried out by invitation

d. You can cancel an order in accordance with the provisions of the consumer protection act and its regulations (the “Law”) and thus eliminating possible on condition that the service has not yet begun, and in accordance with the law, cancellation fees deal is 10% of the total transaction they will charge your credit card or from PayPal customer in a single payment.

e. Socialgro may refuse, for whatever reason, to approve acquisition of services and may stop at any stage of the provision of the service ordering and it turns out that the service commissioned promotes purpose that is unlawful, violates the rights of third parties and / or in violation of any law and / or terms of use of any third party, if the service was discontinued in these circumstances and / or in other circumstances which are not under the control of Socialgro, you will not be refunded your money.

f. Customer warrants that form of payment he will buy our services (for example credit card, PayPal, etc.) used to make the purchase on the site is owned and individual consent only.

g. If the customer used to buying services visa credit card, PayPal account etc. it is not his (stolen or compromised) Socialgro is not obligated to refund the stolen account / .outbreak if the service was provided, if found out, we will block the user permanently

h. We are committed to maintaining confidentiality and privacy of our customers, and undertake not to transfer to any third party, customer information or details on purchasing his service on our website, we take your privacy seriously and will take all measures to protect your personal information, personal information will use only to fulfill your order, we will not sell or distribute your information to anyone, all information is encrypted and stored .on secure servers

i. Socialgro has the right to make changes to the agreement terms and conditions at .any time

C) Socialgro does not warrant that any links on the Site properly and lead to an active website, presence of a link of a site is not an indication that the linked site is reliable, complete or current, and Socialgro shall have no liability in connection therewith, attention Socialgro reserves the right to change, at its discretion, and without prior consent of the user, the terms of use, the provisions of these regulations apply to any use or purchase made by you on the site, and will constitute the legal basis for any discussion between you and Socialgro.

.a. the user enters the required details online registration form designated for this purpose

b. the user’s information, submitting false personal details in this regard, including in relation to means of payment, constitutes a criminal offense as stated in the penal code, 1977, and is absolutely prohibited
All her questions, and various inquiries and further information please contact via the contact page

If your payment method is PayPal you need to confirm the payment before the service starts. to do this go to your Paypal account on desktop and:

  1. Look for Activity Tab.
  2. Locate the transaction needs to be confirm.
  3. Click the details of the transaction.
  4. Click “receive/confirm item/service”.
  5. Click Submit.